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H?i ?c C?a M?t Geisha

By Arthur Golden

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Nhan v?t chinh trong cau chuy?n la co be Chiyo, m?i 9 tu?i da b? ban vao k? vi?n. Tu?i tho c?c kh?, t?i nh?c c?a co la m?t qua trinh vuon len d?y ngh? l?c d? tr? thanh nang geisha tai danh n?i ti?ng. M?t nang geisha lam say d?m bao quy ong quy?n l?c, giau sang song cung la ngu?i co don va dau kh? v?i tinh yeu don phuong ngoai t?m v?i, m?t tinh yeu b? ngan c?m b?i than ph?n

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